CareNav is an innovative information system solution that optimizes and accelerates the patient’s navigation of the complex physical health care environment. CareNav manages and optimizes queues and appointments in urgent care clinics, pharmacies, labs, radiology and other medical departments.

CareNav runs on standard Apple iOS products like iPod™ and iPad™. These familiar devices insure a simple user interface for patients and staff and our well-designed apps virtually eliminate training. Using commodity hardware also reduces capital investment, infrastructure requirements and support costs.

Advance check-in is accommodated via the easy CareNav website or mobile app. In the clinic patients use tablets or tablet-based kiosks. These same friendly tools, along with text messaging and in-clinic displays keep the patient constantly informed of their status.

CareNav also produces real time and aggregate data for management. Custom escalations based on threshold and trending basis are delivered via email, app and text messaging. The system also conducts satisfaction surveys at the point of service and via app or text message.

The CareNav bottom line is: improved satisfaction, reduced costs and better insight into and management of the patient experience.

  • Clinical check-in via kiosk or iPad
  • Eliminate queuing and reduce wait times
  • Real time and aggregate performance data for managers
  • Automated escalation management
  • Wait time data and status via web, app and texting – no surprises for busy patients
  • Automatic load balancing of patients between service center and facilities
  • Sophisticated proprietary algorithm provides extremely accurate estimates based on real data (current and historical)
  • Point of care patient survey capability